About Africans Building Africa

We’re an Online Media Organization dedicated to telling the story of African Entrepreneurs and their startups all around the world.

Our Mission is to Empower Africans to participate to the development of Africa through Entrepreneurship.


Founded in July 2016, Africans Building Africa now reach over 100,000 unique visitors and over 20,000 podcast listeners. The Africans Building Africa community includes more than 5,000 friends and followers on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social media.


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Our Team

  • Amadou Hanne Founder | Consultant | Podcaster

    Amadou Hanne is a Social Entrepreneur, Business Consultant, and Promoter of African Entrepreneurship. Passionate about Africa and Entrepreneurship, Amadou’s mission is to work with African Entrepreneurs to bring out their stories and support them.

  • Adisa Amanor-Wilks Marketing Advisor

    Adisa is an international journalist and communications professional with over 17 years’ experience. She’s also the founder of a PR company, Abjel communications.

Our Contributors

Africans Building Africa contributors bring authentic stories from African entrepreneurs in their communities to showcase their startups. Our contributors are all volunteers with full time jobs and they publish stories and articles regularly. We have many contributors over the few months and are looking for more.

Contact us if you want to be part of Africans Building Africa as a contributor.

  • Elizabeth Bintliff CEO, JA Africa

    Elizabeth Bintliff is the President and CEO of JA Africa, a youth-focused organization. She is a development professional with 17 years of experience working in developing countries and emerging economies.

  • Alvin Nyika Founder & Chairman of Core Foundation

    Alvin Nyika is an accomplished entrepreneur, engaging speaker, author of Success Climate, and co-author of Africa80.

  • Alaba Ayinuola Management & Digital PR Consultant

    Alaba Ayinuola is an experienced management/digital PR consultant passionate about helping brands identify and engage with the right approach and strategy needed in maintaining most favorable public image using the best digital tools.

  • Ato Bentsi-Enchill Director at 8 Volta Work Spaces

    Ato Bentsi-Enchill is a serial entrepreneur and a Founding Partner at BBE Partners. He is also a Director at 8 volta work spaces, a co-working space situated in Airport Residential Area, Accra, Ghana.

  • Michael Alimo Freelance Writer

    Michael is an Entrepreneur, freelance writer and a student of Finance. He’s passionate about philanthropy, art, and technology. He believes strongly in the possibility of a prosperous and independent African community.

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