Episode 10: How two Nigerian Brothers started a Beverage Company from $5

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Seyi Abolaji, a Stanford graduate, and his brother Seun Abolaji are the co-founders of Wilson’s Juice Company (www.wilsonsjuiceco.com) which they started with $5 as initial capital.  After moving back to Nigeria from the United States, Seyi and his brother realize that there is a need for healthy beverages. So, they started providing fresh orange juice, then tried smoothies, and then touched on Lemonade which eventually took off. They formed Wilson’s Juice Company with lemonade as the base product.  Additionally, they started hand squeezing lemons to make their products to the point where now they have a production facility employing over 30 people.

Wilson’s Juice Company is now growing exponentially in term of sales and employees; however, the roadmap for Seyi and his bother hasn’t been easy. Just like any African Entrepreneurs they have struggled with product market fit, raising capital, and hiring the right talent.

In this episode, Seyi touched on how they started their company, the sacrifices they have made, and how they have created an innovative and creative company culture.

“You’re about the life of conform of about the life of impact” ~ Seyi Abolodji


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