Episode 12: What it’s like to start a FinTech Company in Africa?

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The FinTech industry is one of the fastest growing industries in Africa, and Viola Llewellyn made sure to capitalize on the growth. She founded Ovamba Solutions (www.Ovamba.com), a platform that provides micro, small and medium sized African businesses with access to short-term trade and growth capital.  To create a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), Viola started with a first round of funding of $650,000 from family and friends. She later went on to raise about $1.3 million from investors to jump start her company. Ovamba Solutions is based in the US but has multiple remote operating locations in Africa starting with Cameroon. With her innovative company, Viola is bringing new ways of funding Small businesses through partnerships that has never been done in the continent.

In this episode, we talked about her journey as an Africa Entrepreneur from how she started to how she managed to raise millions of dollars and the specifics on how she works with African Small businesses.

From the ABA Moment, Viola mentioned the “4-Hour Workweek” by Tim Ferriss as the book that made a huge impact on her journey.

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Amadou is a Social Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Public Speaker, and Promoter of African Entrepreneurship. Passionate about Africa and Entrepreneurship, Amadou’s mission is to work with African Entrepreneurs to bring out their stories and support them. As the Host of Africans Building Africa Podcast, Amadou loves to chat with African Entrepreneurs to deliver informative and inspiring content to Africans who would like to start a business or invest in Africa.
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  • Babacar Guisse

    I’m a first-time listener and I greatly enjoyed this episode. Ovamba has a truly unique business model and I hope more African businesses take advantage of it. I’ll be sharing it with the ones I know. Thanks again!

    • Amadou Hanne

      Babacar – Thank you for listening and for your feedback.
      I am glad you enjoyed this episode.. Please stay tuned for many more episodes to come!

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