Episode 15: How did a Ghanaian created a Bamboo Bike Manufacturer in his village

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Kwabena Danso graduated from Kwame Nkruma University of Science and Technology and decided to go back to his home village to fight unemployment and migration of the youth to the city of Accra.  With his NGO, The Yonso Project, Kwabena and his team was looking for ways to create a sustainable organization away from grants and donations until they stumble on the Bamboo Bike idea.  By working with an expert on carbon fiber bikes from California, Kwabena was able to make his idea of Bamboo bikes come to life. Today, Kwabena is the founder and CEO of Boomers International, a social development enterprise, which provides over 35 jobs to the youth in his village not including the bamboo farmers.

Kwabena was one of the $5,000 grant recipients of the Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF), founded by the entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist Tony Elumelu. The grant was a major boost to Boomers International (www.Boomers redirected here.com) with its mission of producing high quality, affordable bamboo products which have booth economic and social benefits to customers around the world.

In this episode, we chatted about how the idea of bamboo bikes came about, how they created the first prototype, and how the grant from TEF help boost his business.

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