Episode 16: How an African based in Toronto launched an African Consumer Research Company

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One of the most important aspects of decision making in Business is reliable data. Because of the lack of data, most international companies count Africa out and most African Entrepreneurs make irrational decisions.  Yannick Lefang, founder and CEO of Kasi Insight, is set out to put a light on the continent by collecting data. Kasi Insight (www.kasiinsight.com) is Africa’s most innovative research and advisory firm that provides reliable consumer data and actionable insights from Africa within 2 weeks. Kasi Insight’s services range from consumer surveys to market insights.

Yannick’s company has grown to 10 countries within 3 years. Yannick has also build a successful team with most of his team members being based in Africa while he’s in Toronto.

In this episode, we touched on how he started his company in 2013, how he put together a successful team in Africa while being based in Toronto, the importance of data, and how the consumer market is changing broken down by country.

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