Episode 18: How 3 Young African Entrepreneurs created a Real Estate development company?

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Bleejay Innis traveled to his home country, Liberia, a while back and found something that really didn’t resonate with him on how real estate development companies were talking advantage of the people. As a real estate developer in the US, he vows to create a unique company which will not only gain from the real estate growth in Africa but also benefit the people from land owners to small shop entrepreneurs.

Today, Bleejay and his partners Kofi Meroe, and David Manly are the founders of Ikemba Group Investment (www.ikembagroup.com).  Headquartered in Washington, DC visit this site right here., Ikemba Group is strategically focused on raising and investing real restate development capital in Africa’s emerging economies.

In this episode, we touched how Bleejay build his team, the first steps he took when he had the idea, the growth of the real estate market in Africa and how Africans in the Diaspora can benefit from the growth.

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