Episode 20: How did an Engineer from Benin created a Billion Dollar Asset Advisory Firm?

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Forbes Africa called him the $100 million man because of the size of projects that  [Prince] Randy Koussou Sogan and his firm, Black Lion Holdings, manages. From the New International Airport in Benin worth it $100 Million to infrastructure projects in Cameroon and Togo worth it each $3 Billion, [Prince] Randy Sogan has built a strong reputation as the man who get significantly large projects done.  Building relationships among different sectors such as Private and Public has significantly impacted the advancement of his company.

[Prince] Randy Sogan is the Founder and Chairman of Black Lion Holdings which is a Strategic Advisory Firm. From a background of Telecom engineer, [Prince] Randy has managed to create an impactful company which participates to the development of Africa in multiple ways.

In today’s episode, we touched on How [Prince] Randy managed to create an investment advisory firm as an Engineer, how he used his relationship network as an asset to grow his company, and the investment landscape in Africa.

Website: http://blacklion-holdings.com/

LinkedIn: Randy Koussou Sogan


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