Episode 30: How a young Ghanaian started an All-Girls Coding Training program to solve the lack of African Women in Tech

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 Welcome to episode 30 of Africans Building Africa Podcast!

My name is Amadou Hanne, founder of Africans Building Africa and the host of Africans Building Africa Podcast.  In this Episode, I interviewed Ivy Barley who’s the founder of Developers in Vogue, an All-Girls coding trading program in Ghana solving the lack of African Women in Tech.

While studying for her masters and teaching girls how to code in 2016, Ivy Barley came up with the idea to start an all-girls coding training program.  With just an idea, Ivy and her co-founder applied for many competitions which they won several of them including the Ethos for Girls which allow them to present their idea to the German Chancellor and generated about $25,000 in funding.

Developers in Vogue aims at creating a community of highly skilled female developers who are passionate about using technology to revolutionize Africa. African women are not known to lead Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics fields, but Developers in Vogue is set out to change that with coding boot camps and career developments. The company have currently trained about 20 girls with 5 of them who already have full time jobs setup and 5 others are working as freelancers.

In this episode, we discussed:

  • How she started her organization,
  • The challenges related to teaching girls how to code, and
  • Why her company focuses on training only girls


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Website: www.developersinvogue.org/

Facebook: www.facebook.com/devinvogue/

Twitter: twitter.com/devinvogue


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Amadou is a Social Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Public Speaker, and Promoter of African Entrepreneurship. Passionate about Africa and Entrepreneurship, Amadou’s mission is to work with African Entrepreneurs to bring out their stories and support them. As the Host of Africans Building Africa Podcast, Amadou loves to chat with African Entrepreneurs to deliver informative and inspiring content to Africans who would like to start a business or invest in Africa.
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