Mentorat.Club – Connecting African Startup founders and mentors

MENTORAT.CLUB is a free online mentoring platform that aims to connect mentors with startups..

We had the opportunity to interview the Founder, Hadjara Idriss, who’s part of the Africans Building Africa Community.

 Tell us about yourselves and your organization


I am Hadjara Idriss, a web developer and the co-founder of
It’s a platform that makes experience and knowledge easily available for startups.  We connect founders with mentors on a one-on-one basis wherever they are in the world.
With, African startups can easily benefit from the experience of mentors to accelerate their growth and avoid common pitfalls.


How much did you need to start your organization and how were you able to raise that capital? 

To start we didn’t need a lot of capital. We just needed money to buy a domain name and server.

Our principal need was advice form mentors who’s “been there, done that” and are willing to share their experiences and expertise with us.


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What are some of the challenges you face in your organization and how do you overcome those challenges?

When I started with Mentorat-Club, I faced a lot of challenges. Not knowing what to do, how to approach people. My mentors at TEKXL, also entrepreneurs, helped me through that phase. I was able to quickly launch the first version of my product.
Building the product was the first step, making people use it was the most difficult part. People didn’t trust us at the beginning. They were afraid of sharing their information with us. But my mentors helped me establish and execute my marketing plan along ways to gain trust from users.
Their mentorship didn’t end there, it continues till today. Thanks to them, the product and company is what it is today.

Where do you see your organization in 5 years from now and what steps are you taking today to reach that objective?

In 5 years, I would like to turn into a reference in the field of mentoring in Africa.
Increase the number of successful startups in Africa by creating thousands of mentor-mentee matches.

What advice would you give other entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Africa?

Africa is the best place to start business and invest today, because there is a huge market and opportunities.

As you launch an idea and develop it into an operating business, it is inevitable that you’ll face some problems and you may not know what to do.

Entrepreneurs are constantly breaking rules and making mistakes in their effort to drive their business forward. For this reason, having mentors who are willing to share their experiences and expertise is important.


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How is your business participating to the development of Africa?

Through Mentorat-Club, we help African startups to succeed and make a difference in their local community. We also contribute to the development of a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem in Africa.


LinkedIn: Hadjara Idriss



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