Proswrites Foundation – Training the Ghanaian Youth

PROSWRITES FOUNDATION is a nonprofit organization focused on training young Africans in the North-Tongu District community of Ghana. Founded by a young African Entrepreneur, Prosper Tornyi, who’s fully dedicated to empowering the youth in his community.

We had the opportunity to email interview the Founder of Proswrites Foundation, Prosper Tornyi who’s part of the Africans Building Africa Community.

  1. Tell us about yourself and your organization
My name is Prosper Tornyi. I am a Ghanaian. I grew up in Battor, in the North-Tongu District of the Volta Region in Ghana.  I had my basic education at the St. Dominic’s preparatory school and continued with my high school at the Accra Academy. I am currently in my Senior year studying Electronic Engineering at the Accra Institute of Technology where I am also the Student Council President. I am an alumnus of Canada World Youth.
I have interest in Leadership, Governance, Diplomacy, Entrepreneurship and Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I am a member of the Global Shapers with the Accra Hub, a World Economic Forum Initiative.

I have a startup, Proswrites Foundation, which is focused on repositioning mindsets and sharpening talents of youths, students in the North-Tongu District community of Ghana and beyond,  using the modules of Leadership,  Innovation and STEM ( Science, technology, Engineering and Mathematics ) to inspire, Equip and Support them. Proswrites Foundation is a non for profit organisation funded personally and with the support from friends and loved ones.

  1. How much did you need to start your organization and how were you able to raise that capital? 

The first time I tried to start this initiative, I had just little amount on me I literally organised a fundraiser with my supporting volunteers at the time to raise money to purchase some items such as ; projector, a bus and a couple of items to start with. The feedback was quite good but in the end lessons were learnt in that regards.

Despite the challenges, I have been able to work on a couple of projects such as; youthprenuership 2015, Innovation training camp with BrainStore (Switzerland), Adolescent Reproductive Health Initiative.

  1. What are some of the challenges you face in your organization and how do you overcome those challenges?

Many challenges I faced were from some colleagues who think this is a waste of time and resources. I developed interest in working a bit harder and focusing on producing results instead of paying attention to the challenges that I was facing.

  1. Where do you see your organization in 5 years from now and what steps are you taking today to reach that objective?

In the next 5 years God wiling, I see Proswrites Foundation grooming and impacting the lives of most students within communities across Ghana. While working on a consulting firm that focuses on leadership and innovation as a subsidiary which would serve as an avenue to generate income to champion the affairs of the organisation.

  1. What advice would you give other entrepreneurs looking to start a business in Africa?

My Advice to anyone who wants to start a business, NGO or any venture of is to plan. Equip yourself with some soft skills and be ready to make mistakes but be quick to learn from such mistakes anytime it happens.

  1. How is your business participating to the development of Africa?

Equipping the mindsets of students with the necessary skillsets is the first step to help fight poverty and to provide the opportunity for many to start their own projects in the future. This is an asset to the development of the African continent.

Website: Proswrites Foundation

LinkedIn: Prosper Tornyi

Twitter: @MakProsper


Amadou is a Social Entrepreneur, Business Coach, Public Speaker, and Promoter of African Entrepreneurship. Passionate about Africa and Entrepreneurship, Amadou’s mission is to work with African Entrepreneurs to bring out their stories and support them. As the Host of Africans Building Africa Podcast, Amadou loves to chat with African Entrepreneurs to deliver informative and inspiring content to Africans who would like to start a business or invest in Africa.
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