Aboubakry AwAfricans Building Africa Contributor

Aboubakry Aw is a software engineer, webmaster at infini Solutions, coordinator of Africa Dotnet Developers Group.

Born in Senegal, he obtained his Bachelor’s Degree in Senegal. He made two years at the university Cheikh Anta Diop of Dakar before embarking on in vocational training. Specialized in the web programming, mobile, desktop and web site, its main skills are focused on technical aspects: web programming (ASP.NET, C#, JEE, WORDPRESS), mobile (IOS, ANDROID, WINDOWS PHONE with XAMARIN), HTML5/CSS3 integration, deployment and customization of Open source solutions like Maarch (GED), GRR (resource management and reservations).

Animated by the associative life, Aboubakry is chairman of the committee of finances and sports commission of the sports and cultural association of Sinthiane 2 of Pete. He is also a coordinator of A2DG (Africa Dotnet Developers Group).

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