Isaac AggreyAfricans Building Africa Contributor

Isaac Aggrey is a taskforce member for Business 20 (B20), an official business dialogue of the G20. A key focus of his work as a taskforce member in-charge of Trade and Investment and SME Development is to draft policy papers with concrete policy proposals and calls for actions to the G20. His mandate goes beyond improving the conditions for entrepreneurship and investment landscape in Africa. It also seeks to institute a culture that encourages entrepreneurial pursuits in Africa.

Aggrey has consulted and engaged with business experts and leaders of the G20 to expand the pool of incentives, resources and opportunities thereby ensuring the right investment climate in Africa. He is the CEO of African Social Entrepreneurs Network (ASEN), founder and executive director of WASEN Ghana, Women Business Center (South Africa) and deeply involved in building consensus with impact investors needed to promote growth, create wealth and sustained socio-economic prosperity particularly for social enterprises in sub-Sahara Africa.

He is passionate about providing effective financial solutions to benefit local entrepreneurs, social impact investors, and most importantly, people at all levels of society, especially women entrepreneurs. His areas of expertise include, establishing new ventures, revolutionizing existing ventures, business planning, and strategy.

He holds an executive MBA in Business Administration obtained from IEDC-Bled School of Management Slovenia. He is the chapter head for Under 30 Changemakers (South Africa and Ghana) a community of over 1200 global social entrepreneurs,

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