Nicolas MalongaCo-Founder | Consultant

After completing a bachelor degree in Chemical Engineering from the City College of New York, Nicolas Malonga started his career as a chemical engineer with Praxair Surface Technologies working as a production engineer at their Indianapolis headquarters.

In 2011, due to a growing interest in international development, a strong urge to give back and an unconditional love for Africa, Nicolas joined the Peace Corps and was sent to the African nation of Mozambique to volunteer as a chemistry teacher. It is there that he developed an interest for agriculture and food processing and became aware of the many challenges the African continent faced in those fields.
Upon completing his 2 years of service in the Peace Corps, Nicolas returned to the US and moved to Iowa, the breadbasket of America, to join a multinational specialized in the production of agrochemical and agricultural products and services. This experience provided him a lot of insight and knowledge into the agriculture field. This along with his experience in the Peace Corps gave him the motivation to start Agtrium, an import/export venture focused on the importing African grown commodities and supplying African farmers with much needed quality agricultural equipment and

In addition to his entrepreneurship experience in Import/Export and Real Estate, as a co-founder and consultant for ABA, Nicolas also brings a solid background in project management acquired through work experience in corporations operating in various industries of the manufacturing sector including Aerospace, Agriculture, Powder Metallurgy and Chemical Processing. He is currently completing his MBA at the University of Iowa.

Nicolas has an unconditional passion for Africa and dreams to put his skills at work toward the development of that continent.

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