Zvirevo ChisadzaAfricans Building Africa Contributor

Zvirevo Chisadza is an experienced Energy Engineer and Innovator with a proven hunter mentality to generate new business. He is the Founder of SolarEyes, Solid Waste Health Insurance (SWHI) and Life Changing Consult among other entities and innovations. Zvirevo has implemented numerous cutting edge innovative systems solving everyday life problems. He is passionate about problem solving and global enhancement of sustainable energy systems.

Among his organisations, SolarEyes is an international solar energy aggregator and accelerator enhancing the growth of solar industry. The organisation works together with international energy organisations, solar industry financiers, respective governments, private solar companies and NGOs in order to green the world. Solid Waste Health Insurance (SWHI) is a Zimbabwean based micro-health insurance program that uses solid waste as a financial resource. SWHI enables medium and low income earners in Zimbabwe to gain access to health cover using readily available resources thereby contributing to a Health-For-All status.

Zvirevo holds a B.Eng in Electronic Engineering from NUST, Zimbabwe and is currently studying for a Masters in Energy Engineering at Pan African University, Institute of Water and Energy Sciences (PAUWES), in Algeria.  

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