Why Diversity is important to an organisation

Adding a stone to the earth increases physicality while adding oxygen increases air quality. While oxygen might look more valuable than a stone, it however contributes to a lesser earth physicality. Therefore both irreplaceably contribute to the earth structure.

Similarly, diversity is the cognitive blending of different backgrounds, experiences and perspectives within a team to improve company overall efficiency. As all pieces have respective roles to play in a chess game, so is the diversity phenomenon. Diversity is a valuable facet that encourages employee development, market extension, company reputation and economic effectiveness.

In itself, diversity begets development and nurturing of leadership among employees. As a social workplace environment, it encourages employee engagement, empowerment and authenticity. Besides attracting best employees, and fostering mutual respect, diversity encourages workplace innovation and creativity through talent co-existence. It encourages better discussions and decisions leading to greater outcomes that satisfy a greater audience. This also leads to improved communication and information sharing within an organisation. Through the schedule advantage of diversity, continuous work can be fulfilled throughout the year through cooperation of experts of various beliefs.

New markets especially in foreign countries can be established through diversity. Organisational diversity attracts and ties customers for a continued business environment through better understanding of the outside world and customer representation. Through recognition of strength of individuality and combination of differences, an increased exposure in achieved.

Diversity is an important competitive advantage to outpace competitors through customer satisfaction. Therefore, diversity is the holy grail of increased productivity and profitability through opening up of new business opportunities.

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